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CD Balkanophonia - Izvor

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video clip Caje sukarije
World Music


by Nikola Starcevic


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CD Balkanophonia by Nikola Starcevic


Performed by: Balkanophonia

Composed & arranged by: Nikola Starcevic

Producer: Nikola Starcevic

Prepress & design: Zoran Starcevic

Format: Compact Disc  

CD cover in English and Serbian  Pieces in Set: 1

Label: Starcevic Production

Release Date:  Aug 2016  CD 2016/01

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 mp3 Digital
1. Moj dragane Nikola Starcevic 339


2. Dukati Nikola Starcevic 348


3. Rumbato Nikola Starcevic 357

4. Goro zelena Nikola Starcevic 254


5. Ajde Jano trad. 339

6. Illusion Nikola Starcevic 429      
7. Izvor Nikola Starcevic 446

8. Caje sukarije trad. 301

9. Life Code Nikola Starcevic 323      
10. Maruska trad. 342      
11. Eola Nikola Starcevic 346      
12. Eternal Love Nikola Starcevic 357      

Total: 45'  World Music

Studio and post-production: Balkan Art Studio-Belgrade 2016
Made in Serbia 2016
Co-producer and Copyright: Starcevic Production

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