CD1 Trio Balkan Strings - Balkan Guitars   Serbian
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CD published by Starcevic Production

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Balkan Swing - World Fusion

Ethno - Traditional

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CD Balkan Guitars - Guitares des Balkans!


World Fusion - Balkan Swing - Ethnic - Jazz Guitar

CD1 Trio Balkan Strings

 Balkan Guitars - Guitares des Balkans

Performed by: Zoran Starcevic, Nikola Starcevic and Zeljko Starcevic

World Fusion - Instrumental

Format: Compact Disc  Pieces in Set: 1

CD cover in English/French and Serbian

Release Date: March, 2004

    Label: PlayaSound - PGP RTS - Starcevic Production

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1. Seven Grains  3.34                                                  



2. Eleven Pearls  3.47                                                        
3. Old Rail-road  3.26                                                    24''


4. Moldavian Gate  3.34                                              



5. Macedonian Suite  3.34                                                 
6. Innocent Heart  3.00                                                

7. Peafowl's Dance 4.04                                              



8. Cocek  2.48                                                            

9. Romanian Sky  3.25                                                   25''


10. Soul  3.58                                                               



11. Six Quavers  3.52                                                          
12. Kalea Miniature  3.28                                                 35''


Total: 43.14 Instrumental

Studio and post-production: Digital Studio S-Belgrade 2003/2004



Label in Serbia



   TRIO BALKAN STRINGS (Zoran Starcevic & sons) performs its original guitar music, a fusion of Balkan music: Serbian, Gypsy, Macedonian, Romanian, Moldavian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Mediterranean, Greek, Oriental…Jazz, Gypsy Swing, Classical music, asymmetrical rhythms and original guitar interpretation. The result, combining many cultures, is BALKAN SWING - JAZZ GUITAR - ETHNO - WORLD FUSION, virtuoso, rich and unconventional, fresh and spontaneous, brimming with energy. Authentic, attractive music with the finest taste, real presentation of guitar music in Balkan Jazz style, unique interpretation from three of them and the universal music language, without frontiers.  A real music trip by Balkan carpet, so if you like Jazz, Swing, Ethno, Classical, or you simply like guitar music, it is your perfect choice. They invented 6 hands playing on 1 guitar and that is their trademark.

   They have performed in many Festivals (Jazz, Classical Guitar, World music) and concerts in: USA, Canada, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Moldova, Slovakia, Chech Republic, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, UK, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. They did master classes-clinics and concerts for classical and Jazz guitar students in Europe and in the USA.

Made in Serbia

Copyright: Starcevic Productionw


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All scores arranged for three guitars

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