CD Duo Starcevic - Lost Treasure    Serbian
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CD Duo Starcevic - Lost Treasure

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video clip Flame of Orient
Classical Guitar
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Lost Treasure

9 Classical Guitar Duets

Classical Guitar

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CD Duo Starcevic - Lost Treasure

9 Classical Guitar Duets 

Performed by: Nikola Starcevic and Zeljko Starcevic

Composed & arranged by: Nikola Starcevic

Producer: Nikola Starcevic

Prepress & design: Zoran Starcevic

Format: Compact Disc  

CD cover in English and Serbian  Pieces in Set: 1

Label: Starcevic Production

Release Date:  Feb 2016  CD 2015/01

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 mp3 Digital
1. Whirlpool Nikola Starcevic 338


2. Lost Treasure Nikola Starcevic 629


3. Flame of Orient Nikola Starcevic 635

4. Life Code Nikola Starcevic 335


5. Rhodopes Five Nikola Starcevic 328


6. Illusion Nikola Starcevic 404    
7. Bossa Fortuna Nikola Starcevic 508    
8. Obsession Nikola Starcevic 323

9. Ad Drinum Nikola Starcevic 627    

Total: 42:51 Instrumental

Studio and post-production: Digital Studio S-Belgrade 2015
Made in Serbia 2015/2016
Co-producer and Copyright: Starcevic Production

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