CD New-Age Collection No.2 - Experimental Rock  by Zoran Starcevic    Serbian
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New CD!

CD New-Age Collection No.2

Experimental Rock

by Zoran Starcevic

CD published by Starcevic Production

Experimental Music-Instrumental

Performed by: Zoran Starcevic

Composed & arranged by: Zoran Starcevic

Producer: Zoran Starcevic

Prepress & design: Zoran Starcevic

Format: Compact Disc Digital only  

CD cover in English  Pieces in Set: 1

Label: Starcevic Production

Release Date:  Jul 2020  CD 2020/02




 mp3 Digital

Promo video

















Total: 49' 14" INSTRUMENTAL

Studio and post-production: Digital Studio S-Belgrade 2020
Made in Serbia 2020
Co-producer and Copyright: Starcevic Production

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